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Support: Frequent Question

Perguntas Frequentes: Aparelhos de Pressão

1 - When do I have to change the batteries of my blood pressure monitor?

A: When you switch on your blood pressure monitor the display will show all the segments testing the device and if by any chance any of them is not working properly the problem will be identified at this moment. One of the symbols is the battery being represented by a horizontal rectangle with 1/3 of its area filled in black color. This symbol does not change at this moment, i.e. it will never be completely full or empty. The battery low indicator will appear on the display only when the battery is low.

2 - Which is the correct position to read blood pressure using wrist type devices?

You should proceed as follows:  

Sit down, both feet on the floor, support your elbow on a table and slightly open your left hand with the palm up.  Position the arm so that the device is exactly at heart level as  in figure A. If there is no support available, sitting or standing up, position the device at heart level with the left arm slightly touching your chest. Keep the body in the upright position and gently support your arm with the right hand during the measurement, as in figure B. Measuring blood pressure lying down: position the arm at heart level as in figure C.

3 - Can I measure repeatedly to confirm the readings?
A: For better results establish an interval of 15 – 20 minutes between readings (for the same user).

4 - My device inflates several times – is this a problem?
A: The digital blood pressure monitor features automatic repressurization. If the initially applied pressure is not enough, the device will inflate again until the measuring is done. This does not indicate any problem.  Put the wrist cuff with care: not too tight, but it must be properly fitted on the wrist leaving no gap.

5 - How do I read my blood pressure?
A: We recommend to round up/down the readings to make it easier, as the example shown below:


6 - My device must have a problem: it reads only zero  both systolic and diastolic.
A: Check if you pressed M memory button.  You should have pressed .

7 - How do I check the last readings?
A: Your device saves the last readings and if you press M button you will read them again.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions): Scales

1 – Is it possible for final customers to purchase directly from TECHLINE?

A: No, we sell only to distributors, pharmacies, drugstores,  medical device stores, hypermarkets, etc. For more information, click “WHERE TO BUY”(JAIME, FICOU ASSIM MESMO? NÃO ME LEMBRO...) or call (11) 3813-1092, São Paulo – Capital – Other regions: 0800-555750. 

2- May I keep my scale in the bathroom?
A: Yes, since there is proper ventilation in the bathroom. If not it is advisable  to keep it in another room of your choice.  Remember that the contact with high humidity for extended period of time can damage your scale. It is important to use it on hard, flat surface, but never on rugs or carpets.

3 – My scale shows different results during the same day. Is this normal?

A: The human body is changing constantly as per food consumption, liquid intake, and physical activity. Position your feet parallel on the scale in order to get correct results or you may get almost 1% (+/-) difference from your total weight.

4- Which are the recommendations to keep my scale functioning well?

A: Keep an upright position and do not move during weighing. Always try to weigh yourself at the same time every day, preferably upon waking and before bedtime. Strong magnetic fields can interfere with weighing. Battery life can be reduced by 30% in very cold or hot regions.  

5- Where can I use my scale?

A: The scale must be kept on flat, hard surface and never on rugs, carpets or irregular surfaces because this can induce to wrong readings.

6 – How do I switch off my scale?

A: Your scale will switch off automatically after weighing in just a few seconds.

7 – How do I clean my scale?

A: Use a damp cloth only. Do not use cleaning products in your scale. For better preservation, step over the scale barefoot.

8 – What does it mean “LO” in the display?

A: It means the battery is low. You just have to replace it. If this does not solve your problem, please contact our Technical Assistance Dept or send your message through “CONTACT US” in this site.

9- My scale is not under warranty anymore.  What do I have to do?

A: Even if your scale is not covered by its guarantee TECHLINE can offer you all the necessary support you may need. Please contact our toll free 0800-555750 or send your message through “CONTACT US” in this site.

Our Technical Assistance Dept is located in São Paulo (Capital) - Toll free 0800-555750 or (11) 3813-1092.



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