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Who we are

In the beginning, our digital blood pressure devices were what made us stand out in the market. Until then, the possibility of measuring ones blood pressure at home without the assistance of a specialist was just a remote idea. Therefore, the launch of our devices in the market made life easier for many people.

Since then, the line never ceased to grow. It followed with the introduction of digital scales, massagers and, currently, Techline has over 40 available products in the national market.

Throughout many years of research, Techline developed especially designed devices for the Brazilian market at a fair price, in partnerships with the best manufacturers in the sector.

Techline has a laboratory fitted with equipment certified by INMETRO. Studies for the development and improvement of new products are constant.

It counts on an excellent consumer assistance team. Through the free call (0800.555.750) service it is possible to assist people from any part of Brazil. In partnership with the Postal Office, delivery of products to our technical assistance lab is agile and with no cost for those products that are still under the warranty term.

Techline also has the largest authorized retail network. There are over 2300 retail branches in the country.

Up to date and advanced logistics allows for product deliveries at the retail points in a minimal amount of time, thus maintaining the market well supplied.

21 years of research, development and quality. Techline, a genuine Brazilian company, using “Technology and Quality at the Service of Health Care”.

Customer Servicer:

+55 11 3813-1092 (São Paulo)
0800.555.750 (Other Localities)



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São Paulo: +55 11 3813-1092 / +55 11 3097-8800 - Other Localities: 0800.555.750 -